The only AI tool you need

GateAI is a versatile and user-friendly AI platform that provides numerous ways to interact with AI across various environments. It offers unique features and seamless sharing capabilities, rendering other AI apps obsolete. It's a one-stop-shop for all your AI needs.

Unrestricted AI

Substitutes all AI-generating products



Create a gateway, define a system, provide input, recive output. You can reuse the Gateway or post it on the marketplace for others to use


Talk to Aida, ChatGPT's competitor, or create your assistant and focus it on something specific. Reuse or post it on the marketplace


In this enviroment you are meeting AI face to face. There is one text area where you are inputing and outputting at the same time

Simplify your life,

Even simpler*

Create, use, and share AI tools without requiring any programming or AI expertise, utilizing the same cutting-edge technologies found in other products, all within a single platform.

A blurry screenshot of the GateAI product
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To whom and for what?

We believe that people from all professions and walks of life can benefit from using GateAI.


Assist children with educational tasks and find relevant information easily.


Improve workflow efficiency and productivity with code generation, debugging features, and optimization suggestions.

Content creators

Generate ideas, receive suggestions, and optimize content for better engagement and results.


Quickly research and fact-check articles with relevant sources, data, and fact-checking tools.


Receive suggestions for headlines, taglines, and wording to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of writing.


Receive personalized feedback and assistance with academic tasks to improve academic performance.


Generate ideas, receive market research insights, and develop and optimize business plans for more successful outcomes.

Private trainers

Develop personalized plans, provide real-time feedback, and track progress to improve training program efficiency and effectiveness.


Generate ideas, receive suggestions for color palettes and layouts, and improve the overall quality and impact of designs.

The possibilities of what you can do with GateAI are limitless, only bound by your imagination and the creativity of other users.

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How does it work?


GateAI provides access to cutting-edge AI technologies that are already utilized by companies in their products. With these technologies, you can create AI tools tailored to your specific needs, both for text and media, on a user-friendly platform that requires no AI or programming knowledge.


In addition to creating your own AI tools, you can browse the GateAI marketplace to discover tools developed by other users. Choose the one that best suits your requirements and start using it in your daily work.


GateAI allows you to publish the AI tools you've developed on its marketplace, making them accessible to the broader public. You can also keep your tools private and share them with your colleagues and friends.

"rendering other AI apps obsolete"

The tools built within GateAI use the same cutting-edge technologies that power the current AI tools on the market, meaning that anything they can do, GateAI can do as well. Hence, making the current tools obsolete.